Publishing a datasetΒΆ

It is possible to publish a datasets hosted in AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure Storage. A dataset is published by making it accessible via the HTTP(S) protocol.


A published dataset is accessible by anyone in the world with an internet connection!

$ dtool publish s3://dtool-demo/ba92a5fa-d3b4-4f10-bcb9-947f62e652db
Dataset accessible at

The URL retuned by the dtool publish command can be used to interact with the dataset.

$ dtool summary
name: hypocotyl3
uuid: ba92a5fa-d3b4-4f10-bcb9-947f62e652db
creator_username: olssont
number_of_items: 339
size: 86.7MiB
frozen_at: 2018-09-12